Sunday, August 14, 2011

After Eight

For those who have not been keeping up with me, I shot out a two liner today over on the vampire blog, the recap being that the movie Priest is getting it's dvd release this week.  They love me at my blockbuster as they have already pulled one aside for me unofficially as they are not allowed to officially pull one before release day.  Nice to know someone on this planet loves me.
Tuesday is also the dvd release of the latest remake of Jane Eyre.  I'm getting my greedy claws on that too. 

I will update tomorrow after my doctor's appointment for my foot.  A strange lump seems to have formed near my pins. I'm not too worried just you know with the O.I.  always better to have it checked out.  But I'm really hoping that there is no more need for any more surgery.

Still have not seen this week's episode of Impact-TNA  the point being that Spike site still needs to upload it. 

Page 6 over on the story blog Love by Spice is up.  For anyone who's up for it, I've tried to keep the posts at a medium length. Just long enough to get the story started but not too long to overwhelm. And also, it's not totally fiction. Yes it's a story, but like all my writing, has a taste of the truth in it.