Monday, August 29, 2011

8/29/2011 7:22pm

Dear TNA Spudguns:

Okay, just caught last week's episode {Aug 25th 2011 episode}  and have this question...   Why was the A.J. Styles stuff reversed?  
Styles had his match, THEN the segment where he came out to talk to Daniels aired.   Which the announce team commented that the match was about to happen in a few minutes.   Dudes in the production crew, you've got to get on the ball a bit better.

These screw ups on the website,  I have to wonder since I do not have cable - still-  if the screw ups are only on the Spike site or if they aired on television too?
And they seem to be happening alot lately.   This is like a month straight where there has been something out of place or repeated or frozen.    Do we need to get new production staff or is because of the tapes themselves?

It would be nice to have one day per week that the show is uploaded too by the by.   Sometimes it's there the next day {Fridays}  sometimes it's a Monday or Tuesday. Sometimes it's the next week's Thursday.   Please, pick a day for the upload and maybe have a small banner or something on the Spike site that says when it will be available on the site to watch.  Specially on the weeks that there is a ppv.  On the rare off chance I'd be able to order a ppv, it would be nice to see the show before hand not after.

Love Ardeth Blood