Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Seagulls and movies

I went to see Conan the Barbarian remake yesterday.  It was in that dreaded 3D
Then I watched some seagulls while I was on the bus.  Wondering what their story was.  There was 3 of them, two white one speckled. The bus was at the city terminal and I had oodles of time to kill and for whatever reason these gulls got my attention.
Gull number one would walk a few feet pecking at the ground, with Gull #2 following.  This of course would make #1 run faster.  I think #1 was a scared male. Although he would run, he never ran completely or flew for that matter; just stayed a few feet away at all times.   That's when Gull #3 showed up, the speckled one.  Gull #3 was a few feet away from #1 at all times, but for some reason kept chasing away Gull #2.   A jealous rival maybe?  Then they sort of each went to one area on the parking lot and pecked the outline of the grass about ten feet away from the people waiting for the Crosstown.   Hope none of the gulls ate anything bad like the cigarette butts.  Then Gull #1 flew a few feet over the fence and just stood there, like he was daring the city to try to move him. That's a man for you eh?  This of course left both Gulls #2 and #3 freaking out trying to catch up to him, and when they did, Gull #3 turned and started to squak at #2 hurting her feelings; yes I think the second one was a girl; cause she ran in the other direction before #3 the speckled Gull flew back to the parking lot.  Then the bus took off and I didn't get to see what happened to them.  

Movie was okay. You already know how I fee about 3D so there is no point in rehashing that right now. 
Weird night as far as dreams went.  I've been having this nightmare over and over all week. Not sleeping well.

Sidenote on the seagulls... they mate for life.