Friday, August 19, 2011

Vampire crimes

Why is it, whenever a major vampire movie is being released there seems to be a rise in the media in vampire crimes?

Is it the idea that the image of the vampire is a hot topic again so therefore the media jumps on it and produces out of their ass another psycho killer who just happens to claim to be a vampire?  Do they have a drawer of these on the ready for when a new vamp film is being released to drum up fear again?

Or is it like the full moon effect?  Psycho killers just happen to decide that they need to do their dirt right then and there because suddenly interest in vampires has peaked again?

In case you're wondering my lovely Spudguns and you too Spuddy if you're awake,  what it is I'm going on about, it's the news article I saw this morning.   A teenager in Texas attacked a sleeping woman trying to drain her blood. 

The article goes on to quote Anne Rice from an interview she did about ten years ago, and to compare Twilight to Vampire the Masquerade. 
Seriously, as much as I hate to give any credit to Twilight, I don't see there being a threat of people killing in the name of it.