Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Travel Mug

I needed a new one.   If there is anyone thing in my life that gets used on a daily basis it would be my coffee mugs.  The lid on my last one broke so I decided it was time to splurge and get a new one.  $5 and the coffee is free.  That's how they get you, reel you in with the promise of the coffee being free.

Anyone else not understand what they are doing on All My Children?  The show's been on for 40 years, and is on its last few weeks before retirement... saying it's cancelled after that long on air doesn't sound right to me, but retirement sounds much better... and they've got a wicked storyline happening, but how are they going to make it make sense in under a month?  Poor AMC, suddenly it's the IT show everyone is talking about again now that it's down to the wire.

Speaking of what the freal are they thinking... the Fright Night remake which comes out this week is only being offered in 3D.   Uhuhmmm.  

For anyone who read my rant about Priest few months ago
{Yes I know I posted that on this blog too but thought I would link you to the vampire blog cause it needs traffic} then you know how much I hate/detest/despise/abhor/am repelled by and plan old get vomit worthy headaches from 3D films. But you also must have the good sense to know I am going on Friday to the first showing our city has simply because I've been yammering on about the film for months.  I have to go. It's the principle of it, a sense of blogger's honor.

That and I can't remember the last time I was at the opening of a film.