Sunday, August 28, 2011

Book Dork Is In Aug 2011

Previously on the book dork, your heroine and heroin was .... You know Spudguns, I don't even remember what was happening the last time around and I'm too lazy to sift through the blog to find the last Book Dork post.

Book club today went swimmingly well.   After months of people making empty promises that they would show and not doing so,  I thought this would be my last attempt and would close the doors on it.
But, someone showed up!   Bonus they read the novel too!

The newest member is a lovely lady who had been in book clubs before in her last city and understood the ups and downs of things.  I have new hope now.  
Yes, I know I've said that sort of in the past and have been brutally let down, but ... I'm in swell spirits on this one.

The book this time around had been Jane Austen's Persuasion.   And it was a lovely chat about the characters, their quirks, and it spread into a few other Jane Austen novels that we'd read/seen the films for and compared.
This then lead to the next selection which will indeed be another Jane Austen novel... Sense and Sensibility.  That will be October's selection.