Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Before coffee on a Wed

and since my lovely Spudguns, I have cut my coffee intake down to half; that coffee will not be had until I drag my ass out of the house in order to get one.
Good way to make sure I stick with it.  Don't keep any in the house. 

Actually,  I'm not keeping anything in the house, and no for those keeping watch I still have not stepped foot in my kitchen.  That's like ... yeah I know. 

Something woke me at 3am.  The whole scratchy issue.  And if you're new to this here bloggy-blog,  there's an omen about your true love and the right side of your body itching.  But it was 45minutes man, so needless to say, haven't had much sleep.

Yesterday was an interesting and semi-full day.
ExpressCheckOut-Guy  was acting odd and had a new hairdo.  Thought he looked spiffy actually. 
Caught the movie  The Change Up.  I was the only woman in the cinema and the only straight person.  Seriously, it was me and two rows of gay men sitting in the screening room of the new Ryan Reynolds film.  Pretty much all you have to say "new Ryan Reynolds film"   and you understand why I found myself surrounded by 7 gay men. 
And can I just say,  I thought way back when that the screaming teenaged girls at Twilight was loud and giddy but they do not hold a candle to a bunch of gay twentysomething guys.

Switching gears here on you,   I did get to catch this past WWE's Raw on replay yesterday afternoon.  Thought the CM Punk -puking was a riot.