Sunday, August 21, 2011

8/21/11 8:33am

My alarm went off but what does that matter when I did not sleep much more then two hours. 
It could have been a variety of things, but none of that matters either.   We're down to the last few days of this seasons Mercury Retrograde, and it's being a bitch.

Mercury retro, not only likes to mess up communications, electronics, traffic, etc  it likes to have you rewind you're dren.  Make you deal with things you thought you had already dealt with.   Issues, people.

This past week seems to be the week of the living dead for me.  People I haven't heard from in the last few years, suddenly popping up acting like it's 1999 still.
There is a line in the movie Nick Knight, where the lead says "the past is the only dead thing that still smells sweet"   All I can say to that is, dude, not from where I'm standing.
But of course, here's me all in a puzzle on why the universe suddenly decided to drop these people on my doorstep and on my cell phone?  Ironically, this is a weekend of remakes at the cinema too with Fright Night and Conan the Barbarian.   Movies that when put into my perspective are indeed connected to the people who popped up into my life. 

Enter now the six of cups tarot.   The card of remembering, childhood, innocence, and also towards looking at the future, of joys and love coming to you still.