Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tell me everything

The song "Tell me everything"  by Adam Cohen is a major influence for my novel.  That and of course the X-Division.
Almost all the writers I've talked to over the years have said the same thing, that like me they have a list of music they listen to when they are writing certain things. 
Everytime I have sat down over the years an written anything, from a poem to a novel to a play/film, I've had a playlist for that thing.
My novel, the infamous novel, has had close to 25 playlists in the two plus years I've been working on it.   That Adam Cohen song has been the only constant on all of them.

Music.  It's something I keep denying but yet keep having to admit plays a huge role in my life. Not always in a good way.  I would point you to the stack of rotten boyfriends/lovers I've had over the decades that were musicians and leave that at that.