Friday, August 12, 2011

Is it Friday yet?

Seems it is, according to the calendar and the sounds outside my window this morning.  There is also a ton of construction going on around here as of late. Ripping up the streets like they do every summer. Still not sure why they have to do them every summer? 
The city is trying to get some frealing baseball field or something put in the opposite end of town or some nonsense.  Seems you can vote on line if you want the damned thing to come here or somewhere near Calgary.  Then there's all the stuff they are building in the harbour. Why does the north end of the city get all the work and the south side not even get considered for anything?  Or right, because the north end of the city is considered the "hills" and the south side is closer to the rez.  The east end is the slums and we don't even have a west end.  The city itself is off balance. Did I point that out to you's me pointing out there is only 3 directions in this city when there should be 4.
This city was not even designed in any sensible form.  I know from the years I spent doing flower deliveries. It zig zags in this weird way that makes you scream "why'd that asshole put that there?"
It's a shit city.
I mean seriously, our slogans over the years have been "superior by nature"  and "we have a giant heart"
No we're not and no we don't.   But I suppose a slogan like "our water is polluted to the point you can't drink it safely"  and "come get hit by a moose in our streets"  wouldn't go over well on a travel package.
Yes, a city were the moose population could rival the dog population.  Oh then there are the bears too.  Yeah, not as many this year but still we have our little black bears. 
Thunder Bay, a place to come if you want to have all your notions of Canada you've seen in movies over the years of being a wilderness of moose and little else realized.
And what the hell are they doing outside with the damned construction?  You never see any results. Just a bunch of guys tearing up the street all summer long.  
Go vote for the Calgary getting the baseball field, as Thunder Bay still does not deserve to step out of the dark ages.  
Why am I still stuck here?