Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Aug 4th 2011

I used screen capture for this post

Well, sort of.   I say sort of because half the video on the Spike site did not work.   I ended up having to go hunting online for the bits and pieces that got frealed up.    This is the second time in a week by the by that the Spike site had screw ups in the episode.  From what I understand, the version that played on tv worked fine. 

Let's jump right into the Beer Money vs Mexican America match.  It was a street fight that was suppose to be between Hernandez and James Storm only Storm was injured and Robert Roode took over.  Nice one. But they got out numbered and the win went to Hernandez.

The A.J. Styles vs Devon match.  Went well but seemed a bit... dull.  Daniels came out to watch and caused a distraction giving the win to Devon.

The Samoa Joe vs Pope match.  This is one that I had to go hunting for and was irritated by the time I got to see it, so I did not really pay close attention.  I do know that Joe lost. 

Alex Shelley vs Austin Aries.   The only match that mattered to me.  And it was another one that the Spike player frealed up on.  The match started, I saw Shelley get hit from behind as he took off that new ring jacket -Spuddy, You know what I am going to say on that jacket before I even say it so... and then as he was tossing Aries into the ropes the damned player froze!  The counter was still counting and the video was just frozen.  I had to go hunting online for it.  It was a really good match once I got to view it, and should have been the match of the week, but the quality of the picture was fuzzy.  Felt like watching a 3D video without glasses.  Austin Aries got the win on this.   
I really like the feud they have going between the two of them.  I am going on record right now saying that Aries will cause a break down in their match on the ppv this weekend with no one winning officially. 
One more thing, did anyone else happen to notice the fact the camera person did an extreme close up of Chris Sabin on the video screen behind Alex Shelley when Shelley was coming down the ramp?  I just thought I'd mention it. Thought it was a sweet touch and a nice reminder of Sabin.