Friday, August 12, 2011

My face sparkles

Only it's not suppose to.   I decided to put on some make up and when I opened one of the packs I've never used before but bought like last year, thinking it was just a pinkish eyeshadow, it ended up under the top layer it was all sparkles.   I'm not impressed.  Damn! I don't do sparkles! 

Still waiting  for the Spike site to put up last night's episode of TNA-Impact.  Let's hope this week does not have any screw ups. 

Reading  "Life on the Line"  by Grant Achatz.   Another cooking memoir.  It's become my thing as of late for those not keeping score.  This one I stumbled on by accident, or I should say, it stumbled upon me.  I was reaching for a book on the shelf above it, when this one got knocked and fell on my toes.  I picked it up went to put it back and it fell off the shelf again.  I took that as a sign and bought it.  Hard to ignore something when it jumps out and bites you literally.

And I have a doctor's on Monday about my foot.  It's still swollen for no reason.

Okay, going to wash off this dreadfully sparkly dren from my face.  Dude, all I have to say is what I've said for the last 4 years... VAMPIRES DO NOT SPARKLE!!!!