Sunday, April 18, 2010

What Would Elvira Do part 1

Originally posted on my blog Coffins and Cookies on Dec 9th 2009

If you follow me on my other sites, you know I sometimes refer to Jane Austen and Sex and the City when things are going wonky in my life.

Well, there was a time I used to ask "What would Elvira Do?"
(that was before SATC and be becoming a Jane Austen fan)
And think it only fair to ask that again here.

My burning question is "What do I do about my crush?"
So I'm grabbing the book Transylvania 90210 and randomly flipping to a page using bibliomancy (randomly flipping to a page in a book and using the first sentence you see as divination) for my answer.

I had to think fast. "Oh I just came over to borrow a cup of ....flies!" I said lying. " Yeah. I'm uh...making flyed rice and I just realized I was fresh out of the pesky little critters". page 77

Okay, how do I decode that? Maybe I am suppose to cook for him?
Which is kind of funny given a few things.

1) I keep saying that wrestler Alex Shelley is too skinny.
2) I recently started a cooking blog that I have been not updating as often as I should.
3)This is a domestic styled blog which means what I am not totally sure yet.
4) I have no clue who it is that is supposedly is crushing on me.
5) I just realized in #1 I forgot to add that my big celebrity crush is on wrestler Alex Shelley so for anyone who doesn't read my other blog has no idea why I mentioned him in the first place. (I am totally crushing on wrestler Alex Shelley and believe that he is too skinny and have this gimmick on my main blog where I keep offering him cookies)

Alrighty then.
I suppose I am needing to make dinner for whomever my big fan is ? Dazzle him with my vast knowledge of cooking skills if ever the dude actually lets me know who he is.

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