Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Book Dork is In... part 4

Last time on the Book Dork, our heroine was bored and insulted by the youth of today. Now today on the Book Dork....

Book Dork: You read many biographies?

Book Club Member : Love biographies. Love zombies. Love almost anything. Have a Masters in English Lit and a Law degree.

Book Dork: What topics are off limits?

Book Club Member: Relationships. So nothing romantic right now. Let's stick to the zombies. Oh this looks good. {she picks up a copy of Jane Slayre by Sherri Browning Erwin } You like vamps and zombies?

Book Dork: That's a trick question right?

Book Club Member: So we're good to go on this book? Really into the zombies right now.

Book Dork: I'm a major Buffy/Angel fan.

Book Club Member: Me too. I really am not one for Twilight though. I thought that was just pointless. Big Anne Rice fan though.

Book Dork: If you were a man it would be love

Tune in next time for another edition of Book Dork Adventures in Geekiness.

Originally posted on my other blog on April 24th 2010
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