Friday, April 23, 2010

Unopened Letters to an Imaginary Husband part 7

I was asked why I started this series of posts.
There is a few reasons.
  1. I'm working the Soulmate Secret by Arielle Ford.
  2. I believe in the Law of Attraction (remember it's just another form of magick )
  3. The blog was getting too heavy with all my rants and crying
  4. I like poetry
  5. There is nothing wrong with showing some gratitude to the universe ahead of time for bringing the right guy to me (remember it's the law of return too- what you put out you get back)
  6. The right guy might stumble across my blog and see the pretty poetry and be so taken that he has to contact me.
  7. I love the idea of love letters. And honestly, I think men do too.
I've been told I wear my heart on my sleeve. Um yeah, it's covering my tattoo. I'm a deeply emotional person, good bad or otherwise. I'm also brutally honest. If I love you I'll tell you, if I hate you I'll tell you, if I just want to freal you, I'll tell you that too.
Yes, I'm as immature as a cat in heat sometimes... well most the time, but I'm also loyal.
In the movie Trick or Treat (1986) the character of Sammi Curr says "You should be loyal to your heroes or they may turn on you". I think that goes for love too.

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on April 23rd 2010 . Parts 1-6 are on that blog