Monday, April 19, 2010

That's a Copyright Issue

Here's the sitch.
I have a pagan group on I sent out a mass site message yesterday saying that because of the new ning rules of removing all FREE sites (you either have to upgrade to paying option or get deleted) I have chosen to delete my site on Wednesday. That gives my members enough time to gather up any blog posts or photos they want to keep.

A comment was posted on the "suggestions " thread by a member. Keep in mind this is someone I've never actually talked to, they are one of many on the site. They said they went ahead and registered my sites name and paid the sign up fee to have domain name so I can keep the site on another platform.

Dude! I saw red. I mean it. I am more then okay with the idea of deleting that site. The members do nothing, my admins do nothing, I have been feeling guilty for the last few months because my time has become less to spend on my ning sites, so I am ready to close that site down.

This member never asked me what I wanted to do, just went ahead and registered my title. I have not replied back to him yet because I was mad. I needed to calm down. I know he was only trying to help, and it's really great to see someone feels that I have been doing good work, but because he went off and did this without asking, he's stepped on my copyright. I'm not happy about that.

I honestly don't know what to say to him about this.

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