Thursday, April 29, 2010


Little Buffy the Vampire Slayer, little Revenge of the Nerds.

This film mixes enough elements from classic genres to create a fun waste of time.
Nothing in this movie is taken serious, which is what makes it good.

Plot: Rudy has an online girlfriend who lives in Romaina. He some how talks all his buddies into moving there for a year as exchange students so that he can date her. Little do they know that the castle they are staying at is the home of vampire king Radu. With their main professor being a vampire hunter, and Rudy being a dead ringer for Radu, what else could go wrong? Only the fact Rudy's girlfriend is a hunchback who's father is a mad scientist. Welcome to Transylmania.

There is enough references to other vampire films/tv shows to keep everyone interested. (they spoof Van Helsing, Buffy, Young Frankenstein) While borrowing generously from the Subspecies series ( in both they made Radu the king of vampires. In the Subspecies series by Full Moon, Radu's mother Mummy was a sorceress where as in here, Radu's wife is) to keep any hardcore vamp fan watching.
This was one of those laugh till you can't breathe slapstick films. Great to rent for a Halloween party.