Friday, April 30, 2010

Fake Blood Recipes

When we did the vampire film few years ago, the crew had to come up with a few batches of fake blood. The results were usually scarier then the script. What worked best for drinking was simply
1 Litre ice cold water (we just bought it bottled)
Half a container of red Kool-Aid
2 table spoons clear syrup
1/2 cup of Merlot

For the splatter blood
1 Litre ice cold water
Half a container red Kool-Aid
1 cup of Maple syrup
(even though we removed the wine it STILL STAINS)

For the blood bags
1 Litre ice cold water
3 packs of red Kool Aid
Half cup clear syrup
1 cup cold coffee

For those who can get their hands on Partridgeberries,
1 cup cold water
1 jar Partridgeberry Jam
this works as it has the colour and is not too sweet

Beet juice and sugar works well too for blood bags but once again you risk the staining.

The film never got finished and I ended up with those in my freezer for close to a year.