Sunday, April 18, 2010

The big theme


I even some how manage to bring the topic of food into wrestling.  Is that crazy?   It's crazy right?
So you can see by the general rambling I have going on here, that I've started to pull a few of my funnier posts from the other blogs to give you a taste of what those are like. 
And I still have not brought over anything from the ning sites (oh wait I brought over 2 movie posts so far)

I'm trying to think. 
No good, the zombies did a number on my brain when they ate it last month.  What you mean you didn't know the zombies ate my brain?   Oh right crap, I forgot I posted that on the other blog here
Caused a bit of a stir it did.  Which, if you happen to be reading Ramen Noodles you would now get the big connection.

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