Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I'm reading the Kitchen House for review.  Nearly done the book.  It brings up a lot of questions.

What are we willing to do for love?
How far are we willing to go?
What secrets are we willing to keep?
What boundaries are we willing to cross?
What would you do for your family to keep them safe?

I can't help but wonder, as I am very vexed with the thoughts of my own past relationships, is love really giving or is it really selfish?

I've been in love in the past, and every time I've given extremely more then I've ever gotten in return. Emotionally, spiritually, physically.  
Not once did the guy ever offer any expression of comfort, safety or pride in me. The closet thing I have ever gotten to any of that, was when Dargo told me he could never commit to anyone. It just wasn't in his nature.  Well, at lest he was honest.