Thursday, April 22, 2010

I laughed myself into a choking fit

I posted this back in Feb on Coffins and Cookies but since it's one of my favourite posts, I thought I would repost it here. and it so totally fits the theme of this blog.

I was sitting here with a cup of coffee and listening to a Twiztid cd and the craziest thought came to my mind.

Couldn't you just picture Twiztid on the Martha Stewart show? I could not stop laughing.
Think about it, they could do one of the Halloween shows with her. Monoxide could paint her face up in the Twiztid zombie that is their trademark and Maddrox could help her make a batch of batshaped cookies with double chocolate frosting.
That's a show I would watch over and over. Think of the internet roll over it would have on every youtube out there.

Then my imagination really got scary. I was thinking what about Violent J ;on the Oprah show?
On one of her episodes of her favourite things where she always gives out gifts, normally at Christmas. She always has a musical guest preform. Violent J could do a version of "Santa Claus is a Fat Bitch" or better yet, "Pyromaniac" then light the stage on fire or something. And you know the part of the show when Oprah tells everyone to look under their seat cause they are going home with the latest cd and other gifts. They could have large rubber butcher knives with fake blood splatters.

Yeah, I found these ideas funny. I laughed so hard, I not only fell off the sofa, but started to choke on my coffee.
But that's clowns for you eh?

Actually, The idea of Twiztid on a Halloween episode of the Martha Stewart show is not that bad.
Violent J, on the Oprah show... that would be a touchy one. Unless, of course, she was promoting his biography for book club or something. Now, that I could half way see.

What, I have high hopes okay.