Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Something I was told makes no sense

I originally posted this in a forum on my now deleted Mugwort Tea ning site. Over a year ago

I have had my palm read more then once. I have had my tarots read more then once.

Few years back, the lady saw in my Palm medical school and moving to Ireland.
My sister took a year of nursing and has been planning to go to Ireland for years.
But not me.

Last year I had my tarots read. The lady saw a future with a man who had children, little girls to be exact and that he would come into my life in the Fall.
My sister has been with her boyfriend for almost a year, and he has 4 kids. They met last September.

I had a phone reading done just before x-mas. The lady was talking of a student loan and again medical school.
I told her that would be my sister she was seeing.
She asked if we were twins.
I said no, I am 8 years older.
She asked if we lived together.
I said no I live alone.
She continued on talking about a job in retail that I hated.
I told her my sister worked at that time in a clothing store and hated her job, I was unemployed.
She continued telling me things that I kept having to inform her was not my stuff but she gave a perfect reading of what my sister was doing and wanting.

Okay so why is it my life never shows up in readings? But I can get a play by play from strangers who have never met me or my sister, of my sister's life?
We are not even close. We never talk, infact if it wasn't for my mom making comments about my sister I would not know anything that goes on in her life.
I have been trying to understand this and can't make heads or tails out of it.

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