Saturday, April 2, 2011

Persians, Thunder Bay's crack

You can always tell a Thunderbayer by the way our eyes glaze over in pure contentment at the sight of the pink icing, as we are all born addicted to the Persian donut.  It's like Thunder Bay's own version of crack.
Look for yourself, check any Canadian's Facebook/Twitter/Myspace  and if they say they had just visited their home city and were happy to see the family and got their Persians, then you know.  You've just met a Thunderbayer.

I'm actually shocked that the yummy items made waves enough to be listed on Wikipedia. 

Here's the 411 on the recipe as told to me by one of the ladies at the Arthur street location of Safeways,  no one in town is allowed to make them the exact same.  None.
Every store, every donut shop in Thunder Bay has to make them just the tiniest bit different from the original recipe that you get at Persian Man locations in town. 
She shrugged and said "I suppose it's so the recipe stays a TB thing." 

Makes sense.  We TBers gave up our Robins Donuts to you all years ago, and look where that got us. Robins Donuts is nearly extinct.

Long live the Persian Man.