Thursday, March 31, 2011

666- Posts

Not even a full year and I've reached blog post #666.
Wow!  Amazing.
Amazing because it took me over 3 years to do that on my old blog Andrew and the Aluminumsidings.

I think it's fitting that my last post just now actually, was part 6 of my short story Lights out in the Library.   My paranormal story.  Can't really call it a "short" anymore as it's now more a series on this blog.  And given I haven't written anything in 6 months, (part 5 few days ago was literally the first thing I have written story wise since last fall) also fitting.
Let's hope that this breaks my writer's block I seem to have been plagued with.

  So last time I celebrated my blog post  #666 with  a video of the ICP.  This time... it doesn't feel as grand. 
Maybe because I've hit that number before? 

Anyways, I will say this, to my best Spudgun, hope you're feeling better. 

And hey... no one ever did give me any feedback on the topics few months ago when I asked....
so does that mean you all would like some more silliness?

Until later
Creeping Screams!