Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's a Danzig morning

How the gods kill  on cassette.  Danzig III.  Yeah, you feel my mood this morning.
I was up way too late, it was around 2am when I got to bed. Not because of work, or anything of proper issue, but because the internet last night was being a dog.  I got home from mother's and saw that the Food Network Canada site had posted the first episode of Top Chef Canada. I wanted to watch it.  For whatever reason, we were having heavy internet crap outs last night here in the area.  We've been having power outages and surges on our block all week so you know. I was just set to watch the episode last night and the more it crap out, the more set I was that I was GOING to watch the full episode last night before bed. Must have reloaded the damned page close to 20 times, restarted my browser and everything.  But damn the internet, I saw the episode.
Then doing the weekly Wishcasting on my year long project blog, and as I went to leave a comment on the blog of the lady hosting it, Jamie Ridler, it kept giving me an error page.  So that's stopped everyone in their blogging tracks this morning.
Top everything off, I have the worst sinus headache today which means a storm coming. 
Righty-ho, Righty-ho, have a busy day ahead of me, have to do laundry and stuff. I'm falling apart at the seams right now, and since I like to ramble about nonsense stuff, I'll keep the serious stuff to myself for awhile.  Oh and I already did a short paragraph letting out some of my morning anger on the wrestling blog