Sunday, April 10, 2011

Connect the dots


Sunday night.  I'm sitting here just going out of my ever bleeding mind.    Spent the day at mother's yet again.  Because I do not have cable.  Made baked mac and cheese  pasta and cheese.  Well, started the day off with a large cup of coffee and the movie Stigmata.  Then had gone to mom's because all the stuff I bought food wise was still in her deep freeze from where I had been there yesterday making a vegetable and rice soup.  Mom was babysitting yet again as that is all she seems to do as of late.  So yeah full on afternoon of Treehouse Channel.  Very much distraught with myself over the fact I can not seem to get into the large-ish stack of books for work.  I'm suppose to be reading "Alice in Zombieland" right now. And just can not get into it.  Not that I think Alice in Wonderland needed to be given the up-graded monster mashup treatment, as I always found it to be creepy enough as it was. Have the movie Nosferatu in the DVD player right now, the Klaus Kinski version and is it just me or does that film have like a billion scenes of just walking?  Am I right?  Just walking. No point to it other then to waste film. Get to the damned vampires already!!!  I was wanting to talk about Stigmata but I know that that film breeds controversy and anger from people.