Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Take a break

Nearly 10am.
I've already managed to get 5 chapters read this morning on the latest book I'm doing for review.  "Wickedly Charming" 
And a short blog post over on the year long project blog. When I say short, I mean two lines and a photo short.
Getting ready to head over to mom's so that I can watch the reply of last night's WWE Raw.  I still can not get over how rusty I've gotten with the wrestling reviews.

While I was typing... the delivery lady showed up with the next book for review. 

I hear the squeaking of rustiness again as I think of my lonely wrestling blog. 

This is also the anniversary of my Grandmother's death. (mom's mother) She passed away on April 19th 1999.
The sad thing this year is, my brother in law's Grandfather died two nights ago.  Ninja and J. have the funeral tomorrow. 

Oh and P.S.  the thing sticking out of the book, is the press release.