Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday 6:39pm April 4th

Floors are swept and mopped.
The bread pudding is on to cook.
Practical Magic is in the DVD player.
The crying fits have stopped.
My back is killing me from having done the floors.

The snow that we got over night has melted down to two inch puddles that I am thinking won't drain off anytime soon.
This means that supper won't be ready till after 8pm.  Will be a late night tonight, and I still have to get the dishes done. 

I'm going to have to start alternating things.  One day for housework, one day for book reviews, next day for housework etc. 
I have to say, at lest when I was doing the wrestling reviews, I had a schedule.  I know I know, I keep coming back to that topic, but I'm not totally over it all yet.  I liked doing it on the most part, liked the structure it gave me, the way it grounded me.   It just made me totally psycho and physically sick.  Total win-lose situation.

And now... just trying to find a balance.   Trying not to loose my mind with my so-called routine. 
Reading-blogging-cooking-cleaning.  Reading-blogging-cooking-cleaning.  Repeat.

I'll try to get a few wrestling reviews done this week.  Not that it will matter much to anyone but me. Alright my TNA Spudguns, this is the last post for tonight; I promise.