Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bar closed drunks knocking

I was just woken up by some drunk who rang all the doorbells and nearly beat down our front door.  As in the door to our building.  I live in a small building with four units. Both the landlord's daughter and I found ourselves standing in our apartment doors as a drunk woman tried to get us to let her in because she was looking for someone she swore up and down lived here.
I've lived here longer then the landlord's owned this place. 
The chick was standing outside having a fit like a two year old because no one would let her in the building.  Landlord's daughter would not even open the door.  I got pissed off, opened the door like a centimeter and told the drunk to go home.  She just stood there like she was daring me to start shit.  Dude! it's frealing 2am go home.  Then I slammed the door in her face. 
What does the Landlord's daughter do... grabbed her coat and cell phone and went to see if she was still there a moment later. 
I can hear the drunk chick screaming at the people in the next building. 
Now I'm awake and slightly pissed off.