Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another morning of snow

Yes snow.  We got hit from both ends.  The storm that moved across from Alberta and the one that moved up from the States.  And this is suppose to be the mild of April and there's all this wet white sticky stuff everywhere.   (insert dirt joke there)

While out yesterday,  I bumped into Setla.  My former business partner and my sister's former best friend. We were both on our way to the grocery, which I practically live at,  and started talking.  Correction, she started talking I listened and wondered why Lemon Zest Stock Boy was following us around the store the whole time.
Setla told me about a play she's getting ready to do at the end of the summer.  One based on a movie from about 15 years ago.  Interesting.  All I have to say on that.
So here's me getting my few groceries to take to mom's to make dinner.  Not paying attention because I was distracted by the conversation I was having with Setla, and picked up the wrong pie crust.  Which of course I did not realize until too late.  As in much too late. As in, after the Quiche was cooked. 

And what was wrong with the pie crust you are thinking....Well Spudgun, I grabbed the one made with lard and not the one made with vegetable oil. 
Wanna talk about bad stomach issues dude.  Stop it Spudgun stop laughing shhhssh  In other news... oh wait I don't really have other news do I... no I don't think I do.

Okay to recap, SNOW.