Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Book Dork Is In... Season 2 Episode 2

Previously on the book dork... Our heroine was battling more mind numbing forces sent out at her from somewhere near Mexico by bad travel writers. While still trying to uncover the plot in her hometown by the evil Necropussy and the Whipping Boy.  Did she survive the zombies that raged around town in the soggy weather leaving muddy footprints everywhere or did she get her brains handed back to her for salad.  Let's find out....

If you ever saw one of my early film productions back  in 2001 then you would understand the whole Necropussy/Whipping Boy  storyline.  Otherwise, just flow with it.

Anyways, my little bookworms Spudguns, book selection is up on the book club blog.  It's going to be Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice.  And ironically, I did not pick it this time, the new girl in book club did. 
I did however, have to dig through four large storage bins until I found my very worn copy.  The book was printed in 1988. Dude! I remember reading it when it first came out.  Damn! That's like 23 years ago. I'm old. The book is old.  But, it will be nice to refresh myself on the characters.   Which the movie only gives a taste of.

Tune in next time for more adventures in Geekiness.