Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ask a crazy question get a crazy dream

When I sit down with a coffee in hand and just start chatting with people, sometimes the conversations go places even I would not have thought. 
There are a few ladies in my mother's building that are supporters of the make it legal party.  Which is how I'll be voting on May 2nd... or maybe NDP if they are not on the ballot this year... or maybe I'll swing back to Liberal... or maybe I'm not telling.
Anyways, talking about book club with them yesterday.  Actually, it started because I had borrowed a book off my sister.   I know you're thinking, with everything I've got to read for work what time do I have to borrow a book?
I borrowed Debt Free Forever  cause well... yeah.  Anyways,  here's me collecting up the book yesterday when Ninja came over to mom's and we were standing there in the hallway of the place chatting when the one lady who lives in the apartment next door to mom came out to say high. hi hey. We started talking about books. 
Which lead to the topic of book club.  Which lead to me expressing my fear of what if no one shows up again?  This lead to talking about the Oprah book club by the .... Green Lady... and somehow the question was asked "If I could have any celebrity be part of the book club who would it be?" 

I have to admit, even for me, that question came out of left field.  My answer "The Hour's George Strombolopolous"  Ninja rolled her eyes and left and the Green Lady started on about something she had read online about the Oprah book club.

Okay, so that is all tucked in the back of my subconscious and last night, I had a few emails about book club, just finalizing Sunday's meeting.  Then I went to bed and had the dream.  In my dream, everything was moving swell then we had a surprise person show up.... wrestler Eric Young....  Then I was rudely woken up by Matt texting me about birds.  Yeah, my life is that frealed up.  Birds?
So there's me, trying to understand why on earth I would dream about having book club with Mr. Young?  I haven't figured it out yet myself.