Thursday, April 21, 2011

You know who you should take

I do not do family events.  Part because I don't like them part because everyone is married with kids and I just do not want to be around all that still single. It's depressing.

My aunt has been phoning me the last few days because my uncle is retiring next week and they are throwing this massive thingie at one of the community centers for him. 
I do not want to go.  Not alone anyways. 

The topic came up while I was chatting with Starbucks Dude for a few minutes.

StarBucks Dude- " You should ask R."

Me- " R.? He's like not even 19 years old. Are you on crack?"

SBD -"You wouldn't have to go alone."

Me- "I noticed in the credits of the movie the Wrestler  that Austin Aries is listed, but I don't remember seeing him in the film.  Wonder if I just missed his scene or if he had behind the scenes stuff?"

SBD -" But you know who you should ask to be your date (he did the air quotes on the word date)...."

Me -"Austin Aries."

SBD -" Don't change the topic. Lemon Zest Stock Boy."

Me- " Topic got changed five minutes ago, you're not very swift on the uptake are you?  And um why would I want to ask Lemon Zest Stock Boy?"

SBD-" Cause I think you should. And I'm smarter then you."

Me- " How bout no. And um no, and another no."