Friday, April 8, 2011

I know you!

You know those days when you sluggishly walk into Blockbuster and bump into someone you haven't seen in nearly 15 years and they are like "OH MY GOD! HUG!!!"

No just me then.

Seriously, I was going to get mom the next Tyler Perry movie, and I bumped into an old friend of mine from high school/college.  I hadn't seen him since like a year after we graduated from college.  It was just so weird.  He hadn't changed much at all.
I'm always shocked when people recognize me from years ago.  I have changed, lots.  

It was nice to see him again.  We started talking about his band from high school for a brief moment. Even weirder that just few days ago I was cleaning ... yes a rare thing round here.... and had stumbled on an old cassette of his band's demo.
No, I have not been joking when I've said over the last couple of years that all my friends and boyfriends have been musicians/djs/actors.  
Not only was this buddy a musician when I first knew him in high school, he was an actor when I knew him in college.  We both were in Television together.