Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two hot topics today

#1- Last night's WWE Raw

#2- Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Season 2

Okay, so my day went like this, got up, got coffee, got dressed, went to mom's to watch Bold and the Beautiful  (yes  in the last month I've become re-addicted to that soap opera after not having watched it in 12 years) watched the replay for last night's WWE Raw,  read 5 chapters of the next book for work Stilettos and Scoundrels  (yeah I just moved on to the next book in the stack cause the other one was ....) made supper, then stuck around to watch the first episode of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution S2.    Just got home.

So, my thoughts on the shows.  
I would have made a massive case for the highlight of Raw having been the 15 second promo for Awesome Kong, but then the whole Edge thing happened.   This type of injury is why I made myself a total arse last year by airing my hatred for certain matches.  He's like my age and is retired.  As a fan of wrestling, it's always sad to see someone have to step down for any reason.  As someone who's life has been plagued by injuries; I will never understand fully why certain athletes do certain things.
But this now opens up the question, of what will us fans expect for the belt?  Will there be a proper line of contenders or will they hand pick someone who maybe shouldn't be in line for it?   I did like the idea of the gauntlet match today, was not happy with the out come of it.  Honestly, I had my money on Dolph Ziggler once Randy Orton was eliminated.  I was sitting there wondering why WWE went with a R-Truth/Cena mix.   And the whole JR/Lawler/Cole crap... ugh!

Now, about Jamie Oliver. 
Did you see the amount of plastic related food stuff that the parents were bringing into his office? Freal me, that was just shocking.  And the diner owner who did not want to cut back on anything because of the money issue.  Dude! And the school bus overflowing with sugar! Good God Man! Makes me never want to have chocolate milk again. And I'm a chocolate freak.   I can't wait to see how this season manages to unfold. 
I signed the petition the other week; as I subscribe to his website.  I know I'm not in the States, but this is something that every part of the planet falls victim to.  Our city here is really horrible for it.  I gave up fast food 10 years ago when I became vegetarian.  I still have my food addictions, but I can say I know whats in 80% of what I eat.  This is because I love being in the kitchen.  The more I get to cook, the calmer I am.  
I was watching it with mom and her catch phrase during the show was "But that's not here in Canada. They don't do that here in Canada"   I could not seem to get mother to understand that some of them do (referring to the "pink slime" meat filler) Which started the whole debate about product labels with her for like ten minutes.  I think this was one of the few times her and I actually had a conversation/argument that was about something important.
I have to say, I think the Food Revolution is a smart thing. A needed thing everywhere.