Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Something something

Did everyone happen to catch Oprah today?  It was an interview with Shirley MacLaine. 
I had to go to mom's to watch it.  I know I know, I need to find away to afford cable yes yes.   Anyways, was a fairly silent afternoon, mom spent most of it on the phone with my sister while I made way too many of the soya protein meat-replacement chicken finger thingies.   They were good.  Too good, I ate nearly three plates of the damned things.  Going to be looking like a giant plate of tofu soon.

Then watched the episode.  Not that I got to hear any of it, as once the second segment started and they stopped talking about her career and started talking about the paranormal/spiritual stuff  aka the good stuff, mother started to make comments and disapproving noises till the end of the show.  
I think I will have to buy her new book. 

Then went to return a movie I rented few days ago for mom and had a coupon for another.  Blockbuster wasn't working.  Computers were down. As were the computers and power for the whole parking lot. I had been wondering why the entire staff for Burger King were sitting outside having a smoke when I went into Blockbuster.   They share a very slim parking lot with Tim Hortons and a pet food place. 

So, did the unthinkable. Indulged in a Starbucks.  Pricey very pricey.  As I was leaving the building, which by the by is in the back of the grocery for anyone keeping score,  I walked right past Express Checkout Guy.  He's looking mighty tasty. Don't normally see him away from his checkout, so I've never really gotten a total look at him since he's been back from university (he used to be a stock boy few years ago)  And all I have to say is  WOW! He's not the skinny little kid anymore. He's got a nice frame to him.  He blushed when he saw me.  Wish I could say the same on my end, but I can't. I looked as I was walking out the store. That guy should be more then used to being stared at by now, with the fact his checkout line is always ram full with women drooling over him.
There is actually a small part of me that feels sorry for him. So not sure why?  He's like 23 years old if that.

Right so the Starbucks -Tall Mocha Frap NO whipcream-   will totally defeat the purpose of having gone out for a walk.