Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I can't figure him out

The Lemon Zest stock boy.   He's become a puzzle of a pain in the arse.
I went to mom's to watch the replay of last night's WWE Raw, and no sooner was I in the door when she decided to sent me back out to the grocery. 
Alrighty then. I had like 20mintues to get the groceries and get back before the show started.  While I was there, getting the lettuce, green onions and the tomato paste,  I was looking for wonton wrappers.   Of which they had none.  This is the third time in under a week I went looking for those damned things and they had none. 
The Lemon Zest stock boy was working and asked what I was looking for.  I said the blah blah blah where upon he started to head over to the area that should have had them.   They did not.  Me smug him looking like he was about to be sent to the guillotine; cause it was his job to order these things.  Then he started to tell me you could use some of the egg roll wrappers  blah blah blah.   Yes you can for wontons, but not for making crackers/nachos from scratch.  
I tried last summer following a recipe I saw on Iron Chef and it does not work with egg roll wrappers.

What I don't understand, besides his ego, is him.  When I see him interacting with other staff and customers he's very .... I want to say butch. Very masculine but when he interacts with me he's like extremely feminine.   So which is the put on?  I'm intrigued.
And if the put on is when he's interacting with others, then why would he be real around me?  And if he's real around others, then why would he be doing a put on around me?

Either way, this stock boy makes me want to slap him upside the skull with a large organic leek.