Saturday, April 23, 2011

Misadventures over coffee

I was at mom's watching the replay of last night's WWE Smackdown.  I got a text from my buddy Matt about coffee. 
We went to Starbucks which is located in the back of the grocery. 
This was a bad idea.  My idea I admit, but I did not take into account it being the long weekend and the grocery being closed tomorrow.  Well you can see where this is heading. 

We get our coffees and take a seat near the express check out.  Hehehehe.  Yes, Express Checkout Guy was working.  Only, he wasn't working his normal station, today he was manning the self serve check out.
Right, okay.  So buddy is sitting there talking and I see over his shoulder ECG. There were two stray carts a few feet away from us, he goes and collects up one the whole time smiling that little blushy smile of his then stops cold when he sees my buddy Matt.  UMMMMmmmmm interesting. ECG did not come back to get the second cart. Few minutes later, he's cleaning up stray baskets, and walks around towards us with one single basket in hand, bends to put it away, the whole time staring at us. Then a few minutes later, with about ten baskets in hand, goes the long way around with his back to us to put them away.  Odd?  
Am I missing something here?
Remember, this is the checkout guy who's always got a line up of women at his checkout. Should I be standing in his line more often?