Monday, January 31, 2011

Why Jeff Hardy Does Not Exist

an a wrestling moment essay by Ardeth Blood

Jeff Hardy does not exist because he calls himself the Anti-Christ.
Anyone who has bothered to study the Occult or Paganism, will tell you there is no such thing as the Anti-Christ.  The so called anti-christ is a mythical element based on Bacchus.
Bacchus is a horned fertility god, and is also the shadow self of Dionysus. 
Dionysus, is the god of wine, music, poetry, art, dance and fertility.  The only twice birthed Greek god, who was born on Dec 25th.
 Therefore, if they are one in the same, there is no way to have an anti-christ.
And if there is no way to have an anti-christ,  then the wrestler Jeff Hardy can not possibly claim to be the wrestling anti-christ because there is no such thing.  And therefore if wrestler Jeff Hardy wants to call himself such an non-existing creature, then he himself must not exist.

This is why Jeff Hardy does not exist.

P.S.  the TNA belt is still frealing ugly.

Wrap your minds around that one my little rat bastards.