Friday, January 21, 2011

Did you read this?

The Top Chef blog on  with Marcel

Okay, so I'm reading it, and thinking, this dude is good drama give him his own show.  Then, half way through I see it says he's got his own show coming out soon.  NICE!
Too bad it's on a channel we don't have in Canada.  That's going to suck having to hunt for it online at some point.

At this point, there are like 4 pages of comments.  I read maybe the first ten comments then just closed the page. 
Love him or Hate him, he's been able to prove on both his seasons of Top Chef that he's got what it takes to make decent food. And, it is REALITY TV.  To quote Corey Feldman in Lost Boys 3 the Thirst... "It's reality tv, everything is scripted"

Nice guy or not, everyone on the show I'm sure has been edited to look a certain way in each episode to help drive the drama.  Even the Judges.

I'm late to the game with Top Chef, only finding it about two months ago, and have admitted I'm a total junkie for it.  I've watched -in this order- Season 7, Top Chef Masters, TCMasters 2, Just Desserts, Season 6, Season 1 and Season 2.   Season 8 All-Stars is the current season so I'm actually watching it as it goes.

Ask yourself this question,  at the end of the whole thing, who do you actually remember the most; the seasons winners or Marcel?