Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Get up Randy Get Up!!!

I went to mom's today, to watch the replay of Monday's Raw, and it was funny. 

Not the show, my mom's reactions.  She needs to admit that she's becoming a fan.  Why do I say this, because during Randy Orton's match, well actually during the five minute beat down he got from Miz and Riley, mom put down her newspaper and was just transfixed. 
I was making a coffee in the kitchen and suddenly I hear "Randy Get UP! Get Up! Grab him by his tie... stupid." 

Yes, mother was screaming at the tv.   Mind you I sometimes  always do the same thing when watching episodes of wrestling too. Come to think of it, Grandma used to scream at her favourite soap opera characters as well when there was a storyline she didn't care for.  
It's a woman-soap thing.  We tend to get pissed off when a character on our "stories" does something foolish... clears throat .... but yeah. 

Wait, hang on, it gets better...mother then went on to say how the "blue guy" meaning; the blue dress shirt that Bore-Spore Alex Riley was wearing, was cheating.  I found that funny as he was not even in the match.  Then made the off handed comment about how cute he is.

It's official... my little Bore-Spore Alex Riley,  you have gotten yourself a new fan... my mother. Be afraid, be very afraid. 

Oh and Sheamus... I did not catch any of his speech this week as mom was talking over it, saying how much like us Newfie's, you Irish sound.  Yes, I know, I had to remind mother that it's actually the other way around, which she refuses to acknowledge.

See this is what happens when I leave the house...