Saturday, January 15, 2011

4am can't sleep


I heard a doorbell in my sleep, but I know that there is no one there.  To hear noises in dreams is an omen. Doorbells, an omen unto itself and not a good one.  To be honest, I can't remember if it means an illness or that your lover is leaving you. 
I'm hoping it was just a squirrel or a woodpecker hitting the doorbell, as that happens alot around here.

It's been snowing here overnight. Went to bed freezing as usual, and woke up just now sweating. Why you ask, well Spudguns, when it snows it gets warmer.

My elbow has been bothering me since around 9:30pm last night (Friday night EST)  One of those weird things out of nowhere. Was sitting watching a movie and out of nowhere I started to get this crazy ache in my left elbow.  Wasn't doing a thing, just sitting there. Now, you know me enough that my first reaction is "what did the guy do?"  cause if you've been reading me for awhile you know that I believe in soulmates and the notion that you can feel each other's pains/emotions. This is my good arm the one I have not broken before so... yeah.

Welcome to my mind at 4am.