Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Angry Fans... part 5000

Three weeks into the new year, and still we the TNA fans are not being made happy.
Is anyone other then myself reading the comments on the TNA page on the Spike official site?  I'm starting to think we need a spokesperson .... since I'm rude and loud and have the love of the X-Division {they hate to love to hate to love me... or something like that. Oh hush you know you want me...}
I suppose it's the new unofficial job of this here bloggy-blog to ask....
Dude, what's the what? 

Seriously, the comments are stacking up on there wondering once again where the last few episodes are, and wondering why in the hell TNA is bringing in some of the old guys that they are bringing in?

I would like to know this myself actually.   Why are certain old goats being brought in? 
From a "family" idea, I understand.  These are guys you've worked with for decades and they are former big draws and they need the money and you would be totally heartless if you didn't offer them some sort of job cause they are your "family" in the sense of brothers in arms.
Totally understanding that.

But, not understanding why they have to be in the ring?  Can't they just be behind the scenes? Their time is up.  Seriously, if you listen to us the fans, those of us who are still kicking around holding out for an improvement in things, you'll see we don't care for the way things are going.

So the first issue is... getting someone in production to do a better job with the updates on the TNA page on Spike's website.

Then we can talk about the rest of it.

Love Ardeth Blood