Friday, January 21, 2011

Is it drugs?

It was an amazing -40c this morning. Like just a half hour ago.  It's crept up to -31c right now.

How do I know this, besides looking at the weather network's website,  I was told by the poor delivery lady as she stood defrosting in our building's lobby this morning.  I got two packages today.  After bringing me packages for the last year she finally asked me what was in them.

So I opened both lots in front of her.   It was the missing books that I mentioned last week.
You should have seen the sigh of relief on the delivery lady's face. Then a raised eyebrow.  I had to explain about the book reviews and blah blah blah. Which of course my Spudguns, you already know about.

So while she stood there trying to get the feeling back into her arms before getting back into her truck, she shook her head laughing "I know you get like three of these a week, was starting to wonder if it was drugs or something. I know they felt like books, at one point I thought you were a teacher getting supplies or something like that. "

Sidenote,  I had to drag my frozen self out to the post office yesterday for the cookbooks. As they were too heavy for the mailperson.  So the stack that I had just managed to get down to two has now grown up to 12 again.