Friday, January 14, 2011

The Name Blame

This is just retarded.  I just read a news article that has banned names.  In one part of the world you can not name your son "TOM"   are you frealing kidding me?

So you mean to tell me, that if I were to have a baby and give him the name I have picked out I would need to have that kid within in a year or two before the laws change here? Or even possibly have to fight for the right to call my kid what I want?

I know that the province of Quebec, here in Canada already has a crazy law for names, first and last, which is why so many families in Quebec are choosing to come into the provinces of Ontario, Newfoundland and even go into the U.S. in order to legally give their kids the names they want and not what the government wants. 

Dude, I understand not naming your baby after a fruit, but not being allowed to call your son Tom - because of the whole celebrity angle.  That's just frealed. 

And yes, I have names picked out for if I ever do end up having kids.  Two boy's names and one girl's name.  I know I know, me not having kids the idea of picking names should be not an issue but every little girl picks out baby names...