Tuesday, January 4, 2011

TNA Reaction for Dec 23rd 2010

Yes, they finally posted the show on the Spike site... over two weeks late.

We pick up in the middle of a match between MotorCityMachine Guns!/RVD/Matt Morgan  vs Jeff Hardy/Abyss/Beer Money Inc.   This is for the tag belts, and if anyone pins anyone, the MMG loose.  Chris Sabin pinned Robert Roode keeping the tag belts.

Cut to camera 1  Matt Morgan talking about getting a title shot.

Cut to camera 2 Mr. Anderson talking about how he may not be a "good champ"  ... um okay

Cut to camera 3 A.J. Styles talking about how he's got to win his match for the tv title or he will be out of Fortune.

Cut to camera 4, Jeff Jarrett talking about his MMA challenge.

Cut to camera 5, the Knock Outs talking about the twist in the their tag teams.

Cut back to camera 1, Morgan talking about his recent match with Hardy and having been screwed over.

Cut back to camera 2, Anderson talking about how things have gone for him recently.   Then it went back and forth between Anderson and Morgan for the next few minutes.

Cut to camera 6, Jeff Hardy saying how he's running things.

Cut back to camera 1, Morgan talking about how he's involved with charities on his time off and how he'd be a better face for the company.

Cut back to camera 2, Anderson saying how he's sick and tired of seeing the people in charge who are.

Cut back to camera 3, A.J. Styles talking about his iron man  match with Douglas Williams.

Cut to camera 7, Douglas Williams giving his side of the match. It went back and forth between Williams and Styles then for the next part of the segment.  Both wrestlers saying they wish they had a few minutes extra in that match.   Could we be seeing the return of the  A.J. Styles we all remember?  Here's hoping

Can we get rid of whatshishandle that does the interviews on this show?  I think bringing in J.B. for Reaction would be a better bet. 

Cut back to camera 4, Jeff Jarrett saying how he hopes everyone is finally taking him serious about his MMA.

Cut back to camera 5, Velvet Sky talking about having gotten sent to the hospital. And the rest of the Knock Outs talking about how the tournament got a face lift.

Cut back to camera 3, Styles putting a cap on his feud with Williams.

Cut to camera 8, Kazarian... Kaz... The KazzyKatman (oh yeah you got an internet nic name from me be scared) talking about how Styles should be on top of the company.

Cut to camera 9, MMG, Alex Shelley talking about how they are the best and that; that is because they work their asses off day in and day out.

The last two minutes was just a peek at the next episode which will be a recap of 2010

This was a weak episode.  Reaction gets a D- this week from me