Saturday, January 1, 2011

Angry Fans... The next chapter

Yep Yep Yep Yep!  I see we have 131 comments on the Spike site for TNA's page... the last 5 (as of 10pm EST) all yelling for the last two week's worth of shows. 

Yes, you read me right my lovely Spudguns, TWO WEEKS behind on posting the shows. 

I do understand this time of year with it being the Xmas holidays - but if the shows are pre-taped then why can't they put them on timer?  There has to be some sort of worker monkey who is in the offices during the holidays... cause I see other stuff has been posted in the last week.   Yes, that is my answer for everything, in this age of mini computers that fit in our pockets there should be a timer button at the offices for posting the shows.  I mean man, we can Tivo everything so why not ....

Now, for me, since I'm waiting to see the Dec 23rd episode of Reaction so that I can watch it first before watching the Dec 30th episode of Impact -which is sitting waiting in my iTunes - I hate watching stuff out of order it bothers me. I like to watch the soaps in order damn it!