Monday, January 17, 2011

Under the name Joe

I went to blockbuster today, to rent something.  I ended up getting Legion 
When I got to the checkout, the girl scanned my card... sort of as it would not scan, it's so old they have to punch in the numbers.... and she asked me what name it was under?
"Is it under the name Joe?" 

She checked it again. and asked how many people I've added to my card.  None.
She found the one movie I returned and scanned it, my account coming up. Then punched in my card again, saying she had 5 names on the account none of which were mine. 

What?  I've had this card for 20 years, I'm the only one who's name is attached to it.  So here's me wondering if I've been hacked or something, trying to make sure there are no charges on my blockbuster account.  
Nope, none so that's okay.  But the girl working there, who's been there now for 4 years and knows me fairly well had as a puzzled look on her face as I did.  Never did figure out what the hell was going on, but I ended up having to get a new membership.
She gave it to me for free which I suppose is a plus, and then made a comment about maybe it was the computers since the new year.  I told her that I rented Bride and Prejudice last week and everything was fine then. 

So, what the hell happened since last Wednesday to my account? 
Might be just a computer glitch or; as we thought about it a few minutes,  might have been the new guy screwed up by not clearing my account before checking out the costumer after me.  Might never know. 

But hey, I got my membership renewed for free with an extra booklet of coupons for the coming year.  Oh and P.S.   Legion sucked actually so did Bride and Prejudice