Friday, January 14, 2011

Well someone in the mail room isn't doing their job

I just got sent the wrong book.
I'd been wondering why my latest batch of review books hadn't arrived, that should have been here two weeks ago. 
Today, the delivery person showed up and I open it, to find a book I had not agreed to.   I sent off an email to the press agent letting them know this... lets see what happens now.

But since I believe everything happens for a reason to whom it does when it does... I can at this point only think that the book that arrived today is one I'm suppose to get something knowledgefulingly out of.

As for the other 3 that never arrived... have to wait and see if they show up or not.
And you're maybe wondering what does it matter if I got the wrong books... because everyone is scheduled with reviews and genres and for author interviews.  If you've got interviews and giveaways scheduled by the publishers, there are only so many books for reviews to have.
I wonder if the screw up was just with me and the person who was meant to get this book or if it goes across the board with a bunch of us.... 

Wow, a bit of mystery for my extremely dull non-existent life.  You know you're a hoser when the most exciting thing is a wrong delivery.   dude, I need a husband lest then I would have something normal to bitch about.