Thursday, January 20, 2011

Holy Anne Rice Novels Batman!... 2011

The new Batman is going into production, and it seems to be all anyone wants to talk about in the last 24hours.

Groovy! Let's talk about it.

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman.... hmmm.  Loved her in Devil Wear's Prada, Becoming Jane, and Bride Wars.  She proved that she's got what it takes to hang with the big kids.  Just her role as Jane Austen is enough said.  But as Catwoman? 
When Michelle Pfeiffer took over the role in the 1992 Batman Returns, she was able to capture both sides of the character with perrrrrrr-fectttion (oh you knew it was coming so hush) giving strength to the bad girl side of Catwoman, and believable innocence to the Selina Kyle side of the character. Basically, playing two roles almost.
When Halle Berry took up the role in 2004,  she did a better job on the sweet innocent side then she did the bad girl angle.
So, what am I getting at you might be thinking?   Anne Hathaway is perfect for the softer side of Catwoman but does she really have the chops to play the grit of it?

Tom Hardy as Bane.   What can I say other then .... swwoooooonnnnn!  My favourite Star Trek movie has always been the Star Trek Nemesis. Tom Hardy's role as Shinzon in the 2002 film was beyond perfect.  (I haven't seen him in anything else) All I can say is if he can pull off being a younger Captain Picard then he can do anything.

P.S.  Yes I know I've used this posting title before on my old blog, it's one of my catch phrases.